Set Up Your CI Project with TFS 2012 in 45 Minutes or Less! - Free Webinar

Presented by Gil Zilberfeld – Product Manager, Typemock

Yeah, taking on unit testing is the right thing to do, but as we all know, unit testing is a team sport. Setting your dev machine is just the beginning. In order to lose the “Works On My Machine” mentality, you need to introduce Continuous Integration: a separate computer that runs all the tests from all team members, and gives you a “state of the project” report.

How do you start? Let us show you!

In this webinar, Gil Zilberfeld puts his professional ego on the line, all in the name of Unit Testing!

He will try to get code building, tests running and report generating on Microsoft TFS – all this in 45 minutes or less!

It might seem an insurmountable task, but it really is that easy. Gil will also discuss how to set up alternatives for TFS, to fill up more time.

Watch it: you will either learn how to set up a CI project in 45 minutes or less or enjoy seeing Gil fail miserably. Either way – it’s a win!