Unit Testing ASP.NET Example

There are many advantages for unit testing ASP.Net (Classic / WebForms or MVC) with Typemock Isolator. These include shortening the development cycle, reducing the development costs, increasing code coverage, releasing a product with fewer bugs, providing good documentation and more…

Typemock Isolator allows you to isolate ASP.Net objects such as the problematic-to-test HTTPContext. You can test any ASP.Net logic, by isolating the ASP.Net objects. But if you’d like to take your unit tests a step further, Ivonna, by Artem Smirnov, will help you to unit test ASP.Net with even greater ease.

Ivonna is built on top of Typemock Isolator, and allows you to write tests just like you would write regular ASP.Net code. Ivonna allows you test and isolate ASP intrinsic objects (for example, the Page and HttpContext objects) in your test code. You can then test the page behavior in isolation from any dependencies.

Unit Testing ASP.NET Code Sample C#

View a VB.NET unit testing ASP.NET code sample here – requires both Isolator, and Ivonna

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