Trick (Catastrophe) or Treat?

It started out as just another regular day, or so the development team thought… Each developer deployed their code to the branch, hurrying to release.
Due to their tight schedule, they opted not to unit test and crossed their fingers in the hope that everything will run without a hitch. They didn’t realize it was a life-changing decision.

Read several examples of programming failures that can be considered as catastrophes and how they affected the world.

If you have a weak stomach, you can go straight to the treat section. It may not solve all your worries but our treat is sure to make things better.

Not all bugs are caused as a result of not doing unit testing but a lot could be avoided if more teams did unit testing.

Aviation industry

Thousands of people got stranded in an airport when a glitch occurred in an airline crew scheduling and tracking system. The glitch caused a cancellation of 3,000 flights and cost the carrier $35 million.
Not to mention over 14,000 flight delays that were caused by various tech issues.

Automotive industry

The race for a completely autonomous car is at full steam and companies like General Motors, BMW, Nissan and more are in close competition. The existing technology isn’t perfect yet.

Many companies had to recall their cars over software fixes. In fact, GM had to recall 1 million SUVs and pickups over a bug. Subaru had to send 293 brand new cars to the car crusher because of a coding error.

Most automotive companies are using C++ to write their code. It’s not easy to do unit testing in this industry. Check out our C++ free for life solution and you might save lives!

Financial industry

Imagine you’re going to an ATM but you see ERROR, you go to the next one and the same thing happens. Nobody can draw money for days. Can you imagine the riots?

While it may sound like an imaginary horror movie, customers at Suncorp bank had their money disappear from their accounts by a bug from a regular software update. Some customers said they got locked out of their accounts!

In the UK, IT failures in banks such as HSBC, TSB, and Barclays made a public outrage that the house of parliament decided to open investigation on the matter.

Health industry

An error occurred in the software of a medical pump designed to deliver medicine and fluids to patients and even delay infusions. The company, CareFusion, had to recall the pumps due to possible life-threatening outcomes from the bug such as withholding medicine or overdosing.

Military industry

How does a software bug in an F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft sounds like? A war potential maybe? Luckily it didn’t but it could’ve. The bug caused the planes to incorrectly detect targets. The planes who flew in formation weren’t able to detect targets from different angles.

Treat time

Many software bugs can be avoided if development teams are unit testing and if they’re writing clean code. More and more companies discovering that unit testing doesn’t have to be so hard as they think. They just need to find the right tools to get them there safely.

Our treat for you is our unit testing & mocking tools. From mocking to coverage to automated tests suggestions, it works on your legacy code without having to change the code.

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