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Sneak Peek: Typemock .NET Training & Testing Samples for Blockchain Applications

Sneak Peek: Typemock .NET Training 

Still new to our product or would like to refresh your knowledge?
Here is a sneak peek to the first session of our video training.
Stay tuned for more installments!

The Pitfalls of C++ 

Caution Of Data Of Control Keyboard Display Cone

C++ is a powerful language, but that power doesn’t come without risk. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the common mistakes that are made by developers if they are not careful enough with C++ development.

Meet the Man who Loves Working on Legacy Code 

Coder, Programmer, Peter MorlionMeet fellow coder Peter Morlion who is passionate about TDD and clean code.

Discover also what keeps him in programming after all these years – little spoiler: it’s nothing to do with code…

Test Driving a Blockchain Application 

Bitcoin Finance Cryptocurrency Blockchain Business, Code, Unit Tests, Typemock, Testing, modules

Testing a Blockchain-based application can pose unique problems different from other types of software. In this post, we walk you through a simple example of testing a blockchain application.

Open Offices: The Suffering is Real 

 Ever noticed that open offices have become the standard but most of us programmers actually hate open floor plans!

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