Isolator for Build Server

The #1 Continuous Testing Solution for .NET

For your build server

Isolator for Build Server Benefits

Continuous Testing

Keep running tests all through your development process

Make Your Team More Effecient

Your team can continue working while all tests are running on the build

Suitable for TFS & VSTS

Suitable for Build Agents that are working on TFS Update 2 and higher or on VSTS

Safer,Faster & Easier Deployment

Save time & money, get to deployment faster and safer

Test Complete Projects

Suitable for large teams and advanced projects. For single developer see our Client edition

Premium Support

Got a question? Our dedicated support team is at your service

How does Isolator for Build Server works


Isolator for Build Server is fully integrated with:

Jenkins typemock tests
azure devops typemock

Complete Coverage

See Where Your RISKY Code is

Manage Risk

See the risks in changing your code before you do it

Fast Results

Get results in a flash of an eye

Analyze and Improve

Learn how to improve by analyzing what you need to fix

Example for Coverage Report (exported in 5 different formats)


Start Continuous Testing