How to Hire a Programmer? (by Jeff Atwood)

With 2013 coming to a close, one new year’s resolution can be to find a new job. 

We really like Jeff Atwood‘s guide to hiring a programmer (his post was written in 2012 but it’s always relevant). 

Although written for interviewers, this guide is a great resource for interviewees, as it includes some pretty awesome tips on how to land your next dream job. 

1. First, pass a few simple “Hello World” online tests – just to make sure that the candidate knows what the heck programming is

2. Ask to see candidate’s portfolio – check what kind of work people have done and what sort of online artifacts they’ve created, will give you a sense of what people do and what they’re good (or bad) at.

3. Hire for cultural fit – one of the strongest predictors of job success is a good cultural fit

Interested in more tips? Read Jeff’s full post here

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