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Prooks Alexander aka Gmoorick has submmited a little plugin to enable NUnit testing via TmockRunner in CruiseControl .Net.

This is example of config (I store path to nunit and TypeMock in global Path)


This task has the same syntax as NUnit task, but have additional "runnerPath" attribute.

I have no unit tests for this task, because I could compile CruiseControl project in VS 2005.

Feel free to use and publish this plugin if you like it :)

But I don't really like the sources, because I used simple copy-paste from NUnit task.

Prooks Alexander
aka Gmoorick.

Here are the downloads:
:arrow: ccnet.TMockRunner.plugin.dll
:arrow: TMockRunner.cs

Thanks Gmoorick
asked by scott (32k points)

1 Answer

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No problem. Thanks for TypeMock 8)
answered by Gmoorick (2.3k points)