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How to mock the GenerateReport() of CrystalReportsColdReportHack class. While mocking this method I am getting key not found in dictionary but if I mock and pass null as parameter in method its working.

 public static MemoryStream GenerateReport<T>(Func<ReportDocument, MemoryStream> execute)
How to mock and what parameter I need to pass for the above method?
Can you pllease suggest how to implement?
asked by SujayaK (1.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hey sujayaK,

When you got the "key not found in dictionary" error, how did you mock the method?

Mocking the method with null parameter should work fine. It will mock the method when it's called with any argument. 

If you want to mock it only for specific arguments, you can use "WithExactArguments".

answered by SapirTypemock (3.2k points)
Hey sujayaK,

Did you manage to resolve this issue?