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When trying to mock Task I get the following:

 TypeMock.TypeMockException : 
*** Cannot mock unsupported types from mscorlib assembly. See supported types here:
What are the strategies for testing methods that return a Task of T.
Matt B.


asked by MBeckius (4.9k points)
edited by myriam

2 Answers

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Hi Matt,

As you've probably seen in the link you posted, Tasks are currently unsupported for faking in Typemock.

Do you have an example of a test you're trying to run? Maybe we can devise a strategy where Isolator can help with the issue.



answered by Raphy (4k points)
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Meanwhile, you can take a look at the Docs, maybe that can help you.

answered by Raphy (4k points)
Thanks much!  That does the trick.


Matt B.