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I am writing unit tests around HTTPClient methods using the async keyword. In the unit tests I use the .Result call to make the async methods run synchronously. The tests run fine but I am not seeing any test coverage green shields  or results in the coverage map.

I have closed the solution/deleted the test cache and rerun. Again - all the tests pass but I can't see coverage. Just a limit of trying to test an "async" method?
asked by meansala (2.1k points)

1 Answer

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Hi meansala,

Can you tell me which visual studio are you using and what version of typemock?



Typemock Support.
answered by Daniel (1.3k points)

I\\\'m also not seeing that code coverage for async methods is not displayed in visual studio and in the coverage report I generated. I also noticed that for async methods do not have the option to \\\"Run Impacted Tests\\\". The tests do run without issues.

Is there a way I can get coverage for async methods?

I\\\'m using Typemock Complete Version, and Visual Studio Professional 2017