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Here is the setup: I have a UI solution and a Service layer solution, both in VS2015.  Because the UI depends on the assemblies in the Service layer, the Service layer is compiled first, then the UI.  I typically have both open when compiling.

Before installing Typemock, I could compiled the Service layer, then switch over to the UI solution (which was open when the Service layer solution was compiled) and compile.  After installing Typemock, when I compile the Service layer solution, then tab over to the UI solution, the UI solution is completely unresponsive.  I have to kill the UI solution from Task Manager to reload the UI solution.

Has anyone experienced this behavior, or reported it?
asked by jim.little (3.6k points)

1 Answer

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Hi Jim,

Can you turn all logs on in Typemock menu->Options->Logs, reproduce it and send the logs to
answered by eva (1.6k points)