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I am trying to run Unit testing using vNext .Flow is like typemoke start -> MStest-.Typemoke stop.

But while running the test I am getting the error Unknown profiler enabled. Please contact the with the flwoing data. Unknown profiler clsid=.

Please help.

asked by Ikruzzz (600 points)

1 Answer

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I can't see Typemock register step in your flow.

You need to register Typemock in first place.
answered by eva (1.6k points)
I have reistered the typemock using the powershell script and add as an initial step in vNext build. .\TMockrunner.exe -register <Company Name> <Licesne> and then add VS test as next step. But agian getting the same error.

Do i missed anything here?
Well. Which version of Typemock you use?

vNext build id no longer a part of Typemock Client pack, it was modified and bug fixed and now distributing as a part of VSTS Extension.

Please, try to upgrade it.

Here is the docs about installing:

And configuring: