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I setup a command line steps in Teamcity to run the typemock test using the following

TMockRunner nunit-console assembly.dll


Before I ran it by Teamcity, I test the command at command prompt and it's working fine.

However, the SAME command returns the following errors when it ran by Teamcity

1. Your licence has expired. Please contact Typemock sales team at

2. You applied [Isolated(DesignMode.InterfaceOnly)] in your tests while .....


Server license has already been set to typemock configurator and the ran at command prompt should prove the licence has been set. Is there any additional thing to do ?
asked by cscmh99 (6.1k points)

1 Answer

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There are two solutions for your problem:

1. Make sure, what license set for all users in 'Typemock configurator'.

2. You need to register typemock license in every build from the build script using TypeMockRegister task.

See here for example:

answered by eva (1.6k points)
So .... how about if I'm not using msbuild ?

I have using Teamcity with a command line task

Can you show me how to put company name and licence key to TMockRunner -Register [??]

Then your task to register Typemock will look as follows:

TMockRunner.exe -register company license


It returns an error

Error in TMockRunner System.Exception: Could not open registry key Company

at Typemock.Common.Configuraiton.Core.RegirstryManager.SetValue[T](RegistryKeys keyName, T value)

Right, you don't have typemock's registry keys.

First of all you need to deploy Typemock, and then to register it.

TMockRunner.exe -deploy <path> -register <company> <license>


It's working !! thanks a lot
You're welcome :)