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The simple code (C#):

public sealed class Connector {
    private String path;
    public Connector(String path) {
        Path = path;
    public String Path {
        private set {
            if (String.IsNullOrEmpty(value)) {
                throw new ArgumentException("Argument is null or empty.");
            path = value;
        get { return path; }

I read the documentation and I try to repeat described operations. When I try to get Automatically Suggested Tests through class, constructor or property context menu, but I have no suggestions. Later, when computer was idle (while I had coffee), I got that suggestions... It happened once only and later I got nothing always. So, they don't appear when I require it, but apear when it is not necessary for me already. So, I see unstable behaviour.

asked by Andrey (1.6k points)

1 Answer

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Suggest's AI is based on fuzzy logic so there are random elements  and in some cases you'll get different suggestions for the same function. Not better or worse, just different.


Very besic scenarios are ignored as sometimes there's nothing to test. E.g.

get { return path; }

public Connector(String path) { Path = path;}


The suggestions in idle is a configurable option, you can disable it if you please.


With all the above in mind, if for some reason you don't get suggestion where you expect, please enable suggest logs (typemock menu -> option -> logs -> suggest) and send them to us.

We're alway glad to recieve feddback and improve :)


answered by alex (18k points)

Some weeks I won't be able to work with typemock. :(

Also, Automatically Suggested Tests worked fine for the same code on other my machine (virtual machine). So I got different result on different machines.