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Hi all,

Am looking to download a copy of the Typemock Isolator for SharePoint 5.3.1 to use on a project with x5 developers.

The download page at shows that I can download a copy of this and that there is no fee required.

Is this correct, or am I being offered an evaluation license that will expire in the coming days?

asked by zoo25 (1.2k points)

2 Answers

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Hi Mark,

You're right, although a fully feature version of Isolator is available for download it would act as an evaluation version (21 days) until you supply it with a valid license.

You can download Isolator for SharePoint and evalute it and after you've purchase it you will receive a license that will turn your installed copy into a licensed Isolator (without any expiration date).
answered by dhelper (11.9k points)
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answered by zoo25 (1.2k points)