7 Steps to Writing Your First Unit Test - Free Webinar

Writing unit tests sounds simple, right? Then how come only 15% of developers test their code?
Unit testing seems like a solved problem: The tools are there, just choose one and go. In reality, people fail because they test the wrong thing in the wrong way.

To get everyone writing tests, we need to make sure they actually do it in a simple and consistent way.
Experience has taught us there are a few steps you should follow when starting out unit testing.

In this session, I’ll go through the 7 steps that can get you a passing, working, long lasting test.
You can then apply these steps to not only your next test but also train your team to do the same.
No more black magic or relying on luck or what we read about in the test framework documentation.

Let’s take a scientific approach to getting our team to unit test.

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