5 Resources to Train Your Team about Unit Testing

Want to learn more about unit testing or train your team so that they can be better unit testers? Here are some resources to get you going: 

5. Mocks Aren’t Stubs & and Clean Coders

Unit testing has become an important part of Agile software development. Who better to learn about unit testing from two of the signers of the Agile Manifesto, Martin Fowler and Uncle Bob Martin? Martin Fowler’s Mocks Aren’t Stubs website offers a tutorial on mock objects and differences in philosophies between Test Driven Development, mocking, and stubbing. Uncle Bob Martin has a [paid] training series where he covers “clean coding” – from fundamentals to advanced TDD. Watch it now.  

4. Unit Testing Succinctly

In Unit Testing Succinctly, part of Syncfusion’s e-book series, Marc Clifton lays out his approach to unit testing. Download the free ebook.

3. TDD Master Class with Roy Osherove

Roy Osherove, formerly a Typemock executive, is a renowned expert in unit testing. He has a recorded master class consisting of 16 lectures comprising over 9 hours of training on unit testing.  The course is ideal for developers at any level. Register for Roy’s courses.

2. The Art of Unit Testing

The guru of unit testing, Roy Osherove has just released a revised and updated edition of The Art of Unit Testing. Learn more or get it on Amazon. Free chapter (from the 1st edition) is available on our website – click here.  

 1. Typemock Webinars 

Since Typemock was founded, we had a mission to make unit testing easy for developers and assist them in getting started. We host monthly webinars on various unit testing and mocking topics, whether it’s 7 Steps to Writing Your First Unit Test, or learning how to Effectively Implement Agile Development in your organization. 

You can also take a unit testing crash course – our free online webinar series that covers all the basics – and will help you jump the learning curve – fast!

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