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Extension to test
ASP. NET(/MVC) in-process
- Web server/browser not required.
- No unwanted UI popups.
- Assert actual server-side objects.

Comparison matrix

isolator 8
Typemock Basic Typemock SharePoint Typemock Essential Typemock Complete
Smart Runner
Tracks impacted tests.
Continuous testing.
Works in the background.
Automatically separate unit and integration tests.
Smart Debugging.
Eliminate unit test maintenance
Eliminate need to compile a 'fake' assembly.
Default - Recursive fakes.
Warn about stale fakes.
Fake Dependencies Automatically.
Interfaces and abstract methods.
Everything in .Net.
Legacy Code.
Integration with other developer tools
Visual Studio.
All known Coverage Tools.
Performance profilers.
Build Server integration
Microsoft TFS.
Many Other Continuous Integration Servers.
Code Coverage
Visual Coverage of Methods.
Filtered by test.
Instant code coverage.
Solution wide coverage.
Suggest Tests
Suggest Tests on Legacy Code.
100% protected.
Human readable tests.
Requires Approval.
Typemock Forum
Priority Typemock support
License model
Subscription or Perpetual
Total Cost of Ownership
Developers who unit test, spend approximately 25% of their time on writing and maintaining unit tests.
This amounts to as much as 600 hours per year.
Using Typemock’s powerful and unique features, you can cut this time in half.
No other tool in the known galaxy can match us.

Here is why: To calculate the total cost of ownership of unit testing tools and methodologies, consider the following direct and indirect costs and the amount of time involved.

1. Licensing Costs
2. Software Development hours spent on:

a. Writing unit tests
b. Running unit tests and waiting for results
c. Integrating with Build Servers
d. Debugging unit tests
e. Getting vendor support

The average developer’s hourly pay in the United States is $40.
Now consider those 600 hours a year and you come to a sum of $24,000 a year spent on writing, verifying, and maintaining unit tests.

Typemock’s unique features save you at least half that time by:
Easily implemented within in your development environment: Isolator Integrates automatically with your code. It’s also compatible with all coverage tools and build server.

Faster Tests Authoring: Spend only the very minimum time on writing tests with the easy to use API and Suggest Engine that writes your tests for you.

Great efficiency, faster results: When it comes to actually running the tests, you get faster feedback with Typemock Smart Runner by running only impacted tests. And unlike most solutions, it works even when you’re away from your desk because it continues to run tests in the background.

Quick Bug Resolving: When your developer writes a Unit Test and it fails, what you have is a failed test. When your tests fail with Typemock Isolator, you get all the data you need to fix them in one nifty view.


What’s so special about Typemock Isolator?
The Typemock Isolator isn’t just about mocking. It is about a seamless unit testing experience.
Based on our dynamic AOP technology, the Typemock Isolator is the first tool to do code waving at runtime to change the methods’ behaviors. This means that with Isolator you don't have to deal with rewriting your code, just to get it tested.
This means that with Isolator you can test Legacy Code.

Feedback from our customers shows that using Isolator actually encourages developers to write tests because it is easier and more rewarding.

Fiserv, one of the world’s most admired companies in financial services technology, has verified this. Within just two months of their developers integrating the Typemock Isolator into their development workflow, the number of tests they were running increased by 500%, test coverage increased by 50%, and tests are 25% faster to write!
How can Isolator help you unit test seamlessly?
Typemock Isolator brings a revolutionary new perspective on unit testing with the following features.

Typemock Suggest - Typemock Suggest creates test suggestions suitable for your code. And it can also cover your Legacy Code.
Typemock suggest analyzes your code to suggest relevant unit tests.
Essentially, Typemock protects your code from human error by automatically Isolating any code that harms your system.
To make sure your code stays under your authority, you must approve the suggestions first.
It's our most powerful feature ever. Not only is it the first of its kind in the industry, but it saves you time and effort, working even while your developers are working on something else.

Mock Everything - Unlimited power to limit your bugs
Isolator is great for TDD where you need to fake out components. Built from the ground up to test your legacy code. Our API is so concise, you can Fake entire object models with a single statement. The API is also fully developed so there is no need to look for ways to verify calls or handle static constructors.
Isolator is built to protect you from inter-test impacts so one test will never leave a mocked state that will result in another test failing.

Smart Runner - After each build, the Smart-Runner runs in the background, only running tests affected by recent code changes. It runs slow ones in the background when you're away from your computer. This gives immediate indication of newly introduced bugs.
One of the fun parts is that you no longer need to figure out which tests to run!

Code Coverage - Typemock displays your code coverage in your editor while you code and marks lines that are only partially covered.
Incremental Coverage will filter the coverage to the code that you edited. This means that you can see what impact your latest edits have on your codebase.
What is so special about Isolator Complete?
Isolator Complete contains the extra features including
• Suggest – that suggests unit tests for you
• Coverage – a complete coverage tool, with our unique incremental coverage.
Do you have a solution for C and C++?
Yes. Typemock Isolator++ supports native C and C++.

Isolator++ can fake any dependency. This is done with our unique dynamic runtime technology. With Isolator++, you can unit test any green field or legacy C/C++ code.
Isolator++ tests are made to be shorter, clearer and resistant to production code changes.
What is Isolator for SharePoint?
Typemock Isolator for SharePoint makes it easy to test your webparts or any other SharePoint components (including support for SharePoint 2007 2010 and 2013).
Isolator for SharePoint is a subset of the Isolator Essential edition.
Do you have a solution for ASP .NET Integration Testing?
We’ve very proud to announce that our partners have created such a tool: IVONNA , an ASP.NET testing tool that allows you to write tests for ASP.NET applications.
Ivonna runs an ASP.NET Simulator in the same process as the test runner.

Unlike other testing tools, Ivonna creates and runs an Asp.NET request and allows you to examine the intrinsic objects, such as the Page object. This goes beyond just testing the HTML output .
What is a Typemock Build Server?
Isolator Server allows running all your tests on your continuous integration server and build server.
The Isolator Server supports running tests on Build Agents.
Does the Build Server require a special license?
A server license is mandatory for running tests on your build machine. (This can run by installing the server software or by Auto-Deploy).
Each server license is good for up to 5 virtual build machines.
What Type of build servers does Typemock Build Server Support?
• TFS 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015 • Team City • Final Builder • CruiseControl.NET • Jenkins CI
• Any Server that can run batch commands
• Out of the box Build Script Integration: • MsBuild • Nant
• Command Line Automated Integrated with Code Coverage and Profiling Tools
• Visual Studio Code Coverage (Visual Studio 2005 - 2015) • NCover • Partcover • JetBrains dotTrace, dotCover and Resharper
• ExactMagic TestMatrix • Smartbear AQtime • DevPartner • Clover.NET • CoverageEye
What versions of Visual Studio does the Isolator support?
Typemock works with Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013 and Visual Studio 2015
Visual Studio 2005,2008 are supported with version 7.5
Do you have a perpetual License option?
Yes. We offer a perpetual License with 1 year maintenance and support.
What is the difference between a subscription license and perpetual license?
Subscription licenses offer an annual payment plan to use Typemock Isolator.
They include all upgrades and bug fixes released during that year and also offer technical support from our team of product experts.
This option is cheaper up front and you pay per usage.
Some companies find this option better for tax reasons.

Perpetual license allows permanent use of Isolator. However, it does not include product upgrades or maintenance, which must be purchased separately. While this option is more expensive, you get to keep the product.
Why do I need Annual Maintenance and Support?
The yearly maintenance and support keeps you current with new releases and bug fixes. It also entitles you to technical support from our team of experts who stand ready to answer all your Typemock software questions.
Do you have a free edition?
Sure we do!
Typemock Basic is available on our website and it’s completely free. Typemock Basic includes great features like the Smart Runner, Bug Finder, Method Visual Coverage, Basic Mocking and more.
It is considered by many to be the best free unit testing tool.
Does the free edition have support?
Typemocks’ free editions are supported by a growing community of users who interact regularly and generously share their knowledge with new users.
Although, the Typemock community supports our free editions, our own team of experts also take part and frequent the online community forums as well.
Where can I find your End User License Agreement ?
The EULA can be found here and when installing the solution
How do I purchase Typemock products?
- To purchase online use the following link -
Purchase online here using a credit card and receive your license within minutes.

- For Quotes and Purchase Orders -
Request a quote here.
Our payment terms are NET 30.

Once you send a signed Purchase Order or Quote, we will send you an invoice.
With the invoice, we’ll send you temporary license keys valid for 30 days.

Once the payment process is finalized, your permanent license key will be sent to you.