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Typemock Isolator++ : Powerful Isolation Framework

Isolation (mocking) framework for Windows C/C++, enabling easy unit testing of even the most problematic pieces of C/C++ code.


  • Test “untestable” code such as statics, globals and non-virtual methods.
  • Mock entire object models with a single line – automatically
  • No need to change your legacy code to start testing



  • Easy to use API
  • Compatible with any test framework such as Google Test, MSTest, Boost and others
  • Integrates with major code coverage tools



  • Change resistant: specially-crafted to make your tests resistant to future code changes
  • Clear and explicit error messages
  • Tests are simple to write and easy to understand, even for first-timers


Isolator++ Mock Everything in C/C+

Suffering from these C/C++ pains?
Isolator++ can help!

  • Too many bugs?
  • Changing other developers’ code freaks you out?
  • Finding C/C++ code untestable?
  • Can’t reach the required coverage?

“Isolator++ is pure magic! There‘s no way I can mock Windows API calls any other way!”

-Allan Garner, Sr. Software Developer, & Team Leader, Banking Industry

Isolator++ Mock Everything in C/C+