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When running nunit2.x tests with TypemockIsolatorServer-, we get an exception saying that  Typemock.Interceptors.dll version 8.6.2 cannot be found... I checked and it is not being installed in the GAC in this server (our other 2 servers are fine; dll shows up in GAC).

Exception Info: System.IO.FileNotFoundException

Why would the dll not register in the GAC?

asked by afuste (1.6k points)

1 Answer

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Hello Alejandro,

How do you run your tests on the build server?

I recommend following the server installation instructions that are written in our documentation, and using auto-deploy.  

Try running: 

TMockRunner.exe -deploy "C:\Program Files (x86)\Typemock\\Isolator\8.6\BuildScripts\AutoDeploy" ... [rest of the script]

Please let me know if it helps.



answered by SapirTypemock (3.2k points)


 We are issuing this PowerShell command in order to generate code coverage with dotCover:

 $TYPEMOCK_RUNNER $dotCoverFullPathExe analyze $CCConfigurationFileFullPath /Output="$CCRelativeOutputPath" /TempDir="$CCRelativeTempPath" /TargetWorkingDir="$ CCRelativeTargetWorkingDir" /TargetExecutable="$CCNUnitExeFullPath"

 Thank you for suggesting Auto-Deploy: We will consider this option if we cannot get the server-installer to work properly.


Is there something wrong with the TypeMockIsolatorServer  installer?

Hi Alejandro, 

There is nothing wrong with the server installer. There are two ways to install Typemock on the server: manually or automatically (auto-deploy).

In both ways the -deploy command is needed.

So in your case, I would recommend you to use the following command:

$TYPEMOCK_RUNNER  -deploy "C:\Program Files\(x86)\Typemock\Isolator\8.6\BuildScripts\AutoDeploy $dotCoverFullPathExe analyze $CCConfigurationFileFullPath /Output=\\\"$CCRelativeOutputPath\\\" /TempDir=\\\"$CCRelativeTempPath\\\" /TargetWorkingDir=\\\"$ CCRelativeTargetWorkingDir\\\" /TargetExecutable=\\\"$CCNUnitExeFullPath\\\"

Please keep me updated.