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I have about 270 tests in my system.  Only 4 of them are actual integration tests.  Any time I debug a unit test, the TypeMock add-in classifies the test I'm debugging as an integration test and so stops running it automatically after a compile.  So I have to manually run the test in order for the add-in to time it and understand that it is really a unit test.

Can you update the add-in so that it will not time and classify tests when they are being debugged?
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asked by KentRollins (2.8k points)
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1 Answer

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Hi Kent,

We are aware of this issue. We are working on it.

Would you like us to update you once it's fixed?
answered by Raphy (4k points)
selected by KentRollins
Hi, Raphy.

Please do notify me when a fix for this is available.

Hi Kent,

Our latest release fixed this issue. Also, we added an option in the SmartRunner options on what to do with test after builds:

  1. Run pending unit test.
  2. Run all tests.
  3. Do nothing.