Easy Unit Testing Solutions

for .NET, C & C++

VNo need to change your production code for testing
VMock concrete classes, pure and static methods
VTest suggestions suitable for your new and legacy code

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Isolator 8

Become more Agile with Typemock

Isolator enables you to perform smarter and faster unit testing.
No need to change your legacy code to start testing.
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Isolator 8
typemock suggest screen

Typemock Suggest

The Next Unit Test Generation

Typemock Suggest uses AI and fuzzy logic to create the best fitting test suggestions for your brilliantly written code at only a fraction of the time.

You can also use Typemock Suggest to cover your Legacy Code.
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With Isolator powerful mocking framework, fake more than just public virtual methods and reach higher test coverage at a fraction of the time

Fake statics, private, constructors, events, linq, ref args, live, future, static constructors. You name it.

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smart runner screen

Smart Runner

Free Up Your Precious Testing Time

Imagine a solution that runs tests only on code that has been changed and gives feedback on the impacted tests.
This is what Smart Runner does.
Moreover, it works in the background, behind the scenes and delivers super fast assessment, so you can focus on your coding tasks. After all, faster assessment means faster development – it’s the agile way.
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typemock coverage screen


Instant Code Coverage

Quickly spot uncovered areas whilst the code is fresh in your mind. Typemock’s Coverage feature also marks lines that are only partially covered, so that you always get the complete picture, making it easier for you to adjust your code.
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Isolator for .NET
Isolator for C & C++
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